Black Lives Matter Community Safety Mobile App

By Marvin Washington

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<p>I had an idea, but I need funding to make it reality. With all the police incidents going on it occurs to me that one safeguard may be community solidarity. Witnesses. Maybe even a show of force. What if there was an app that had a HELP button on it, and went out like a bat signal to all the phones of other app users in the area. They’d receive an alert that some shady police activity is happening and could assemble at that location to witness, record, tell the cops to back off, diffuse the situation, or make it clear by show of numbers that it’s in the cops’ best interests to leave immediately. We can use technology to help protect each other. I’m studying programming and have the knowledge to create the App but because I am a student I do not have the funds to create and then market it, marketing will be the biggest cost but it needs it as it will need to be popular to work. I set the goal high for that reason but I will  try my best to  get as much free marketing as we can also so if we dont reach $100 000 we just need to work harder and take longer to make it popular.  I would appreciate any help people can give and will acknowledge us all as the creators as well as make sure every last dime is used on making sure we market it to the black community especially young black males who are most at risk. The App will be completely free so every single person regardless of race so we can send a message that police brutality will not be tolerated and that people who care are watching. We can make change through technology.  I will keep everyone up to date with this project and show where funds were used as well as send you all the App prior to the launch.  If this App saves just one life we will all have something to be proud of.

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